Spring is here?

No. No it's not. :) But a short reprieve from the subzero temperatures have gotten us here on the farm thinking about Spring. In a few weeks, we'll start our Maple Syrup season. The thousands of drip-drip-drips of sap in our metal sap buckets will turn into gallons of the sweet, sticky stuff. And the smell of the fires we use to boil the sap never really leaves your clothes until Summer. By then, we'll move onto campfires and cookouts, with hamburgers and cheeseburgers and friends and family. At the end of the Summer, we always sit a little closer to the campfires. Our seasoned wood keeping us just warm enough until someone is the first to say they're too cold and they want to go inside. And then it's Winter again. And we'll load up the wood boiler with plenty of the seasoned stuff to make the whole house toasty. It's amazing how the seasons flow, one into another. And how, when you're looking forward to Spring, you can see a whole year go by.

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