Our grass-fed beef is better because it's healthier, more convenient, and a better value than the meat you buy at the supermarket.


"When compared with other types of beef, grass-fed beef may have:

  •    Less total fat

  •    More heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid

  •    More conjugated linoleic acid (a type of fat that's thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks)

  •    More antioxidant vitamins, [like] vitamin E"

(Rekha Mankad, M.D., 12/27/14)

"Grass-fed beef is important.
nutritionally superior,

it’s environmentally sustainable

it doesn't breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria,

and it doesn’t involve stomach-turning amounts of cruelty to animals."

"The meat is healthier, and the perennial pastures on which cows feed build better soil and have lower carbon emissions than conventional cropland. "

(Mother Earth News,

April / May 2009)


Choose only the cuts of beef your family enjoys the most.

Choose vacuum-sealed plastic bags,

or butcher paper.

No matter what you choose, every cut of your grass-fed beef share is processed at our USDA certified butcher, and will come to you

individually wrapped,



(with cut name, weight,

and processing date),

 and fresh frozen to ensure its delicious flavor.

A better value:


By ordering directly from the farm, you pay only $7.00 a pound hanging weight for both ground beef and premium cut steaks and roasts.

There are never any processing fees,
and delivery is free within 15 miles.

Compare our price per pound to 

Whole Foods:
$8.99 / lb (ground beef)
$15.99 / lb (london broil)


Price Chopper:
$8.49 / lb (ground beef)

Trader Joe's:
$7.49 / lb (ground beef)

and you'll see why it just makes sense to give Otsdawa Junction Farm's grass-fed beef

to your family.


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